Triodos uses five short videos on social media to draw attention to an ecological relaunch of the economy after the coronavirus pandemic. We opted for short, clear films in order to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt an unprecedented blow to the economy. “Our economy has been focused on growth in recent years. We didn’t think it was necessary to take any buffers into account,” explains Triodos in her vision paper, ‘Reset the economy’. It sounds as if we’re at a tipping point right now. “To avoid the economy being hit so hard in the future, we need an ecological, sustainable, and resilient policy,” says Triodos.

To bring this message to the attention of stakeholders and customers, we organised two webinars and a press communication together with the bank. But in order to reach as diverse an audience as possible, we also recorded five short social media videos, in which bank director Thomas Van Craen listed the most important points. To the point, manageable, and catchy, as it should be on social media. By choosing this format, Triodos not only reached current customers, but also potential customers and other interested parties.

After we worked out the scenario for each video, we went to the Triodos offices in Brussels to shoot them. Positioned in front of a white-grey, neutral screen, Thomas Van Craen dynamically explained how we can save the economy now and have to restart. In the five videos, he provided concrete examples and solutions and also made an appeal to politicians, citizens, and financial players.

We integrated a link to the paper at the end of each video. In this way, the social media followers could immediately read a summary or the full version of the paper.


Jules Fremaut

Junior PR Consultant

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