You’re not an intern. You’re a real colleague

You’re never too young to learn. But we don’t believe in that when we choose an intern. They become new colleagues who we support and who we introduce to our world of journalistic PR. What we ask for: a nose for news, the desire to learn in combination with a healthy dose of humour and creativity.

The best coffee maker in the country or a specialist in the area of photocopying and scanning is not what we’re looking for and you won’t become one in our organisation. But there are a few musts you should have when you decide to send your resume in our direction. So be aware that when we select you, you’d better be ready for one hell of a ride. In the positive sense, because with us you get to deal with the real thing.

News, news, news

We consider every intern as a new colleague who has the same job to do as every employee at Bepublic Group: search for news, make news and spread the news in a correct and concise way. We’ll help you sharpen that ‘news-nose’, but we’ll also ask you to challenge us and make us think about how a twenty-something-year-old sees news today.

Creativity and willingness to learn

Anyone who has already done an internship with us will agree: we love creativity. No idea is too crazy in our brainstorm sessions and meetings. And when we have defined a strategy and set an angle, we will involve you in the ongoing creative process. You will also have to write a first version of a press release and yes, you will also contact a journalist yourself to help spread the news.

The intern as a billboard

But don’t worry, even if we’re not going to hold your hand, as our new colleague you can rely on a whole team that will be happy to give you tips you can use for the rest of your career. In this way, you will become a lifelong ambassador for our journalistic PR. At the end of the ride, interns tell us, often still surprised, that they ‘really worked’. But for us that’s no longer a surprise, because we’ve considered them part of the team from day one. As far as our trainees are concerned, we say: what’s learnt in the cradle lasts till the tomb.

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