Meaningful Connections is the theme of the LEADERS MEETING PARIS Web Talks

For the first time in its twelve years of existence, the network event LEADERS MEETING PARIS will take place entirely online. At the LEADERS MEETING PARIS Web Talks on 20 November 2020, key speakers such as occupational psychologist Frederik Anseel and Dr. Marianne De Backer, the Belgian leading lady at Bayer, will share their expertise on the central theme, “Meaningful Connections”. In times of advanced digitisation and globalisation, but also of new challenges such as the pandemic we are currently experiencing, the call for a different way of connecting is louder than ever before.

For the past twelve years The LEADERS MEETING PARIS network event has been bringing together top-level managers from various sectors to reflect together on current themes in our society. The current Covid-19 pandemic has made this year’s central theme, Meaningful Connections, even more relevant.

It seems only now that we are once again recognising the value of smaller networks, human contacts, meaningfulness and authenticity. Today’s leaders, together with customers, voters, employees and peers, are looking for new ways to really connect with each other again. Not only to get through this crisis, but also to meet the challenges of digitisation, globalisation and increasing polarisation. This is what we want to inspire our guests during the LEADERS MEETING PARIS 2020 Web Talks.

Jeroen Wils, organiser of LEADERS MEETING PARIS 2020 Web Talks.

Keynote speakers inspire from a distance

Central to the LEADERS MEETING PARIS 2020 Web Talks are two top speakers who will inspire guests with their insights during a one-hour online seminar: Professor Frederik Anseel, professor of occupational psychology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, and Dr. Marianne De Backer, executive vice president at Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals. From our television studio, host and TV personality Lynn Wesenbeek will present the talk show and introduce the guests.

“The core principles of LEADERS MEETING PARIS have been kept. Focusing on a central theme we give the floor to people at the top of their field and leave room for discussion with our guests . The LEADERS MEETING PARIS 2020 Web Talks is accessible to the wider business community. We hope that next year we will be able to again welcome our guests physically in Paris.”

Laura Vandenbergh, organiser of LEADERS MEETING PARIS 2020 Web Talks

The LEADERS MEETING PARIS 2020 Web Talks will be broadcast online on Friday 20 November at 8 a.m. on the LEADERS MEETING PARIS website. A ticket for the Web Talks costs 35 euros, for the participant plus one. If you are interested, please contact us via this link.

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