At your service.

Media Relations

We pitch your story to the right journalists at exactly the right moment. Given our backgrounds in journalism, we are in daily contact with the editors of all key media. Believe us when we say we know what the media want.

Reputation Management

Working together to build up a robust and strong reputation. So that you can stand tall, even when things go wrong. Our ambition is clear: to create a powerful profile for you. Whether as an organisation, an expert or an employer, but always as an opinion leader.


Our talented storytellers will tell your tale like only the experts can. Without it being perceived as a commercial story, it will always be highly relevant. And above all: newsworthy. No matter which method is used to communicate the information.

Digital Communication

Your story in the online media? Sometimes, you just need to play the digital card. With an expert hub, social media video or online newsroom, for example. Our company’s DNA includes all the digital 'genes’.

Crisis communication

Be prepared for an unexpected event or crisis with a crisis communication plan, by completing one of our courses or asking for advice. We’re here to help, even in the eye of the storm.

Training and Coaching

Prepare for contact with the media by learning the profession's ins-and-outs from an expert. Most of our communication experts have a strong background in journalism. They’ll share their trade secrets with you.

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