Training and Coaching

Learn the ins-and-outs? You need someone who knows the tricks of the trade. The majority of our communications experts have a background in journalism. We will be happy to prepare you to face the media. Every year, we coach over 100 corporate managers, governments, policymakers, spokespeople and organisations. 

Camera training

TV interview coming up? Or starring in a corporate video? We take you through the right techniques to look good on camera. We teach you how to tell and clarify your story effectively. So the right story is shared.

Media training

How to deal with journalists? Which pitfalls to avoid during press contact moments? How to turn your organisation or expertise into a news story? We give you the lowdown on the media landscape. And teach you how to communicate with the media in an effective way.

Public speaking training

Have to address a large group of colleagues or clients? Great preparation will stand you in good stead. And we’re happy to help. With texts and images but also to polish your ‘presence’.

Social media training

Profiling your company on social media is no mean feat. We first check how you do things now and then use social media training to focus on tips and improvement points. In terms of both content and strategy.

Crisis communication training

Dealing with the media under intense scrutiny; how does that work? Well, by being prepared down to the tiniest details. We put you to the test during training. As if you were experiencing a genuine crisis. This will make your company stronger than ever, should the unthinkable happen.


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