Digital Communication

These days, every form of communication has a digital component. It is therefore only logical that we also pitch your story to the online media. But we do much more than that. Sometimes we focus exclusively on the digital media to share your story. We then organise an online talk show or make an animated or social media video. In short: digital thinking is also part of our DNA.

Online newsrooms

A separate space on your website which you fill with news about your company, expertise, or sector. As if it’s a page from a daily newspaper. Both journalists and the wider audience will have access to the latest news on your company.

Social media content

Need help with social media? We help you decide which stories are newsworthy, draft a plan and, if you wish, manage your various accounts. Whether that’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Social media videos

Not sure how to tackle videos for social media? We give you a helping hand. And create professional videos for your company or organisation. Not advertisements, just well-thought-out interviews and vlogs.


We can bring on board the ideal influencers to give your communication the required boost. And ensure that your story spreads far and wide, even across social media.

Data mining

Do you have a huge amount of data and figures? We take the plunge and create a story your target audience will engage with. We work with our research agencies to conduct a survey with impact. The resulting story will be shared creatively with the audience you wish to reach out to.

Expert hubs

A dedicated website where you gather all newsworthy expertise around a project and confirm to what extent you own the topic. From there, specific target groups will find their way to your company or other communication.

online talk shows

Experts wanting to share their knowledge about a study or a topical theme online, live in front of a camera and in a compelling way: that’s what our online talk shows are all about. Compare it to a round table, but then virtual. Set in a real news studio and, if you wish, moderated by our own, experienced TV host. The audience? Journalists, but also partners, clients or other stakeholders, who follow everything online. Afterwards, we edit a short, newsworthy video with the strongest quotes. In your own corporate style.

Animated video’s

A complex message, or data brought in a clear, concise and powerful way? It’s all possible in an animated video. Compare it to a cartoon, but then presented in a newsworthy way. And exactly because they are so accessible, animated videos are the perfect tool to reach an even larger audience via your social media. A useful extra layer to add to your classic PR.


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