Crisis communication

Safeguarding your reputation during a crisis or an unexpected event: you must be prepared. With a crisis communication plan, by completing one of our courses or asking for advice. An unexpected crisis? When the going gets tough, we get going, on your behalf. 

Crisis communication plan

From a risk analysis about the division of tasks within the crisis communication team, to the actual communication when the crisis hits; we pool all strategic and practical agreements in a jointly drafted plan.

Crisis communication exercise

Together with your team, we conduct exercises that tie in with the crisis communication plan on the basis of fictional but realistic crises. We also draft press releases, issue internal communications and arrange interviews. The perfect preparation, which you hopefully never need to use.

Crisis communication workshop

Dealing with the media under intense scrutiny; how does that work? Well, by being prepared down to the tiniest details. We put you to the test during our ‘boot camp’. As if you were experiencing a genuine crisis. This will make your company stronger than ever, should the unthinkable happen.

Advice and communication during a crisis

We explain how your message can be carefully positioned within the public opinion. We manage every aspect of your communication. So you can manage your message.

Neighbourhood communication

We help you generate support for your project in your neighbourhood or region. By assessing and considering all sorts of sensitivities and, above all, by communicating. With info moments, the involvement of the local newspapers, project websites, flyers, media communication, among other tools

Internal communication

In a crisis, it is always best to issue internal communication first, before taking it public. So you are all on the same page and your employees remain well-informed. We have efficient methods at the ready to guide you through the process.

Change communication

Every (minor or major) change can be seen as a crisis moment for your organisation. We streamline your message, help set the right tone, and choose the ideal moment to share your story with your staff, partners and the media. So that the key elements really make an impression.


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