Zoek het maatschappelijke probleem, en maak van jouw boodschap de remedie


Find the social problem and make your message the solution.

Media relations Reputation management

All too often, businesses assume that what is important for their organisation is also beneficial for the whole community. But that’s not always the case. The art of good (press) communication is to make your message socially relevant for a large segment of your audience. So, identify the biggest common denominator and make the story newsworthy for a large group.

Imagine: your company wants to announce a new insurance policy covering cyber-attacks. But is it just one of many policies? Perhaps. Unless you can clarify why this initiative is absolutely vital. How big is the problem with cyber-attacks? How many companies are concerned? And how much does it cost our economy? In other words: what is the social problem? 

If you can use figures to demonstrate that there has been significantly more cyber-criminality recently and that many businesses are inadequately insured for this type of issue, you have created a newsworthy perspective. Your new insurance is then resolving a social problem. Our advice would be to find the urgency in your story and turn your message into a solution to the problem.

Also, make sure that your story is crystal-clear. Even the most complex issues can be explained in simple terms. And don’t neglect your target audience; everyone prefers a language they can understand. 

And that’s true for journalists too. Nowadays, editors are inundated with press releases. Many more than ten years ago. Do you want to stand out? Then make your story relevant and clear for a large target audience by using a journalist’s eye. And make sure that your story is interesting for the audience you’re trying to reach.

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