Rise of the online press conference

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Forget the classic press conference: from now on, an online press moment is the new normal. Just like the National Security Council, many companies have already made a habit of it. It becomes even more powerful when you turn your online press moment into an experience.

Last week’s press conference of the National Security Council once again attracted a great deal of media attention. Journalists were not only physically present, the live streaming made the press moment more than ever an event you wanted and had to see. And this despite the fact that the classic press conference – without a live stream, in other words – is as good as a thing from the past: in recent years, attendance figures could be counted on the fingers of one hand more often than not. Not entirely illogical, of course: editorial offices are getting smaller, and journalists are under time pressure.

From a digital press moment to an online roundtable

From now on, the online press conference is the new normal. During the corona period, a lot of companies are using digital press moments and online round tables. From a professionally equipped studio, speakers bring their news to the journalist, and potentially also to the general public. During such an online press moment, a moderator keeps a tight rein on things. Completely corona-proof, and journalists didn’t even have to get up from behind their desks. A success, then.

Kudos for experience

Do you still want to organise a classic press moment? Then make it an experience moment that is interesting and relevant enough. An original product launch, showing your app, innovation or technology, or a well-known person or politician helping you out: it makes your (classic as well as digital) press moment more powerful – and therefore newsworthy. We recently advised technology company Bringme to use Hilde Crevits as the first test person to launch their virtual corona detector.

Your own news channels

But what if you have a smaller or less visual story to tell? A newsworthy press release still works best for that. By the way, don’t forget your own channels. Short videos, newsworthy blog posts, infographics: be sure to share them via your social media and website.

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