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Making headlines with a roundtable conversation

A new way to share your expertise as a company or organisation in these COVID times is to organise a round-table discussion with your own specialists. Such a roundtable is not only interesting for your own clients or stakeholders, but you can also add an interesting PR section to it.…

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Corona strains communication strategies

Over the recenet weeks and months , the Belgian business community has been put to the test in terms of communication. Last month, in the midst of the corona crisis, Bepublic Group questioned the communication managers of more than a hundred of the largest companies in Belgium about their communication…

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Technology will determine the media of the future

Reuters recently published its annual Journalism, Media and Technology Trends. This showed that 2020 has a great deal up its sleeve for the worldwide(*) media industry. We summarise the most important findings. One thing is certain, though: more than ever before; the future of the media will be determined by…

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