Bepublic is a public relations and strategic communications agency

Our Vision

Increasingly more transparency and openness are being expected from organisations and companies. If it’s not journalists asking critical questions, then it’s employees, clients, or opinion makers using social media to denounce something. The times when you could get away with ‘No comment’ are over. Professional and well thought-out communication helps organisations to build and maintain a good reputation.

Bepublic assists and helps organisations with every step in their communications. Whether it’s journalistic PR, crisis communication, internal or corporate communication, etc., Bepublic is the strategic partner par excellence to design the right communication together with companies. We create tailor-made content and provide thorough training based on years of experience and expertise, and according to high quality standards.

We are critical and don’t just do things without thinking them through, which is what you expect from a sparring partner who thinks strategically and challenges you. We ask the tough questions before journalists do. We see the pitfalls and the opportunities. We create stories and tell them too. We create buzz and put out fires. We think and we act. You can rely on us.

Our Mission

Bepublic is a public relations and strategic communications agency that has been assisting companies and organisations with their communications for almost 10 years. Journalistic PR makes Bepublic unique in the market. The 20-strong team, consisting of former journalists and communication experts, has an extensive network of journalists and opinion leaders.

Whether it’s press communication, internal or corporate communication, etc., Bepublic’s experienced consultants help clients tell news stories clearly and deliver them with conviction to the various target.

Bepublic is an expert in providing media and camera training and a sparring partner in times of crisis. Communicating is much more than just sending out a press release. That’s why Bepublic also creates tailor-made content: from online round tables to podcasts, and from (digital) brochures to news videos. This PR and strategic communications agency uses all these building blocks to build up organisations’ reputations.

Bepublic has since grown into one of the largest PR agencies in Belgium. Quality, expertise, and a hands-on mentality ensure that clients are helped quickly and professionally.

Together with Bereal and befirm, Bepublic is part of the Bepublic Group.

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