Communicating in times of crisis

"How do I prepare my organization for a crisis?"
"How do I avoid damage to my reputation?"
"What's the right time to communicate?"

No two crisis situations are the same, but often there are some similarities. The unpredictability, the quick succession of events, the considerable confusion, and an increasing pressure to communicate always play a part.

In the book Communiceren in tijden van crisis (Communicating in Times of Crisis), Jeroen Wils describes how organizations can most efficiently prepare for a crisis and how they can cope with it. He takes his cues from numerous practical examples and from his 25 years of experience as a journalist, crisis reporter, and communication expert. From drafting a decent crisis communication plan to dealing with traditional and new media: step by step, Communiceren in tijden van crisis guides you through the whole process.

With the aid of numerous practical examples, Jeroen Wils examines the conditions of successful crisis communication, the connections between every successful communication policy and the media, and the increasing importance of social media in the communication spectrum.

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Auteur: Jeroen Wils

Gepubliceerd op: 01/10/2014

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