Communication is two-way traffic. It’s no longer solely about broadcasting, but also about listening, evaluating and reacting. Whether your message is positive or negative. If you enter into a dialogue with your public, you can get them involved. Truly involved. So that one day, they will become an ambassador for your product or your company.
Your story is relevant if it’s valuable and credible to your client. Because it describes challenges your client is struggling with and comes up with effective solutions. Because it takes into account the context your client operates in. Or because it’s educational, entertaining or facilitating.
There is no such thing as good communication advice without a communication plan. Not a 50-page document, but a pithy model providing something to fall back on during the entirety of the communications. Every time, our plan of action is a structured summary of what you want to say, and where, when, and to whom you’d like to do so.

Media Training

The way you come across on TV or radio, during a presentation, or in crisis situations can break your image as well as your company's... or make it. Bepublic is possessed of the necessary experience to prepare you in the best way possible for a TV interview or press contacts. In addition, our team will help you designate the experts in your company who can represent you in the media.

Camera training

During a camera training session, we'll teach you the right techniques to get through interviews with flying colours. You'll learn how to clearly word your message. That way, you'll increase the odds that your message will be conveyed correctly in the media. A cameraman—equipped like a real news crew—will help you conquer your fear of cameras and record what you learn during the training sessions. Our teacher is Jeroen Wils, who provided media training to over 600 CEOs, spokespeople and politicians.

Media training: dealing with the press

The media landscape is highly varied and can seem complex. During a media training session, Jeroen Wils will show you around the media landscape, so that you'll learn to communicate more efficiently with the press.

Media training: social media

Would you like to get to work on your personal branding using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? In a workshop, our social media experts will show you the tricks of the trade. We'll tell you how best to go about it, what you should talk about and what you shouldn't, and where and when you'd best do so. Don't have the time to manage your social media yourself? Then Bepublic will provide you with daily tweet proposals.

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