Communication is two-way traffic. It’s no longer solely about broadcasting, but also about listening, evaluating and reacting. Whether your message is positive or negative. If you enter into a dialogue with your public, you can get them involved. Truly involved. So that one day, they will become an ambassador for your product or your company.
Your story is relevant if it’s valuable and credible to your client. Because it describes challenges your client is struggling with and comes up with effective solutions. Because it takes into account the context your client operates in. Or because it’s educational, entertaining or facilitating.
There is no such thing as good communication advice without a communication plan. Not a 50-page document, but a pithy model providing something to fall back on during the entirety of the communications. Every time, our plan of action is a structured summary of what you want to say, and where, when, and to whom you’d like to do so.

Crisis communication

Getting a crisis under control is no walk in the park. Often, communicating about it is even more arduous. The unpredictability, the fast succession of events, and the constant, imperative demand for up-to-date information are the greatest challenges.

Effective crisis communication starts with a plan

So you'd better be prepared. With a sophisticated crisis communication plan, you'll have the keys to protect your reputation even when things get rough. Bepublic helps you to develop a practical plan. Our experts have already drawn up strategies which have proved effective for companies, organisations, educational institutions, and authorities.

Training by a seasoned expert

With a plan, you get everyone on the same wavelength; with training, you bring the theory to life. Managing Partner Jeroen Wils will put you through the wringer. Wils can boast over 30 years of experience in journalism, specifically in the sector of crisis reporting. As a communications advisor, he's counselled thousands of policy makers, academics, CEOs and spokespeople on how to deal with the media.

Advice in the thick of it

Is an unexpected or long-feared crisis breaking out? Leaving you in need of fast advice? Count on Bepublic's flexible team to assist you with your crisis communication on conventional and social media.

Jeroen Wils wrote a book entitled “Communicating in Times of Crisis", published by Lannoo.


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