Past Presentations

  • House of Flanders - Inspirational breakfast “Crisis management and communication”

    On Wednesday, June 17th 2015, House of Flanders organizes an inspirational breakfast for its members with Jeroen Wils and Paul Robrechts. Jeroen Wils is the author of the book "Communiceren in tijden van crisis".

    For FEB, Jeroen Wils and Paul Robrechts wrote the brochure 'Crisismananagment: a practical guide to effective crisis management', inspired by Jeroen Wils' book.

    During the inspirational breakfast, Jeroen and Paul will talk about the following subjects:

    • The 6 phases of a successful crisis management
    • 10 critical success factors
    • Communicating during a crisis: how organizations can effectively prepare a crisis and how to deal with it.

    More information:

    From 08:00 until 10:00

    House of Flanders
    Antwerpsesteenweg 92
    2800 Mechelen

  • Seminar: crisis management & crisis communication

    Imagine a devastating fire lays flat your business, an employee finds a suspicious package in your warehouse, children fall ill after eating food coming from your company. What do you do?
    On the spot improvisation can lead to inconsiderate actions and reduces your company's chances to come unharmed through the crisis. Moreover, the approach of a crisis is closely associated with the image of your company.
    A quick and thoughtful reaction is the message. Easier said than done.

    For your company to provide the necessary tools to weather a crisis and there communicative stronger come the FEB, together with an expert in crisis management Paul Robrechts (Robrechts & Thienpont) and expert crisis Jeroen Wils (Bepublic) for the Crisis Guide: practical guide prepared for effective crisis management.

    VBO worked out a guide - Crisismanagement: praktische leidraad voor een doeltreffend crisisbeheer - together with expert in crisis management Paul Robrechts (Robrechts & Thienpont) and expert crisis communication Jeroen Wils (Bepublic).

    Following the publication of this guide, we invite you to a bilingual seminar on crisis management and crisis communication, where the authors can provide you the tools for effective crisis management. Wouter De Geest (CEO BASF) and François Fornieri (CEO Mithra Pharmaceuticals) wille provide you testimonials about efficient crisis management.

    Here, you can find more information and the full program.

    From 16:00 until 18:00

    Ravensteinstraat 4
    1000 Brussel

  • Crisis communication at security incidents

    No security incident is identical, but often there are similarities. After all, the unpredictability, the quick sequential of events, the great confusion and the increasing pressure to communicate always play their role.

    On the basis of concrete cases and his own experience, Jeroen will show how organizations can prepare and deal with a crisis most effectively. Making a solid crisis plan and dealing with traditional and new media: step by step he will guide you through the whole process at the Security 2.1 conference.

    Take a look at the website for the full program.

    From 14:00 until 14:45

    KMDA (Zoo)
    2000 Antwerpen

  • B2B Marketing Belgium Conference ‘The Culture of Content’

    B2B brands are creating and distributing content at an unprecedented rate. So, how do you ensure your content has resonance and ultimately drives sales?

    The B2B Marketing Belgium Conference 'The Culture of Content' is aimed at all levels of B2B marketers  who are seeking to understand and implement content marketing. The conference will reveal new ideas to make this technique work for you. Jeroen Wils and other commentators and expert speakers will showcase the latest thinking and innovation for successful, cutting-edge content.

    The B2B Marketing Conference is an initiative of Skein Action Learning in collaboration with B2B Marketing UK.

    Check the website for the entire program.

    From 08:00 until 18:00

    Frisomat n.v.
    Stokerijstraat 79
    2110 Wijnegem

  • Brand journalism & social newsroom

    The PR landscape changes through the integration of social media and the quick rise of content marketing. Companies increasingly produce and distribute content themselves. They become more and more media companies that apply journalistic methods to increase their credibility with relevant and topical news. But what are the consequences for the communications department or the PR agency?

    On Tuesday March 31, Jeroen Wils will speak about the importance of brand journalism for organizations, governments, businesses and individuals.

    Take a look at the website for the full program.

    From 16:30 until 19:00

    BCN Amsterdam
    Paasheuvelweg 35
    1105 BG Amsterdam

  • Mediacafé | The communication war

    On Wednesday February 18, Jeroen Wils will participate as a panel member of "Mediacafé", a debate on the initiative of the Flemish-Dutch culture house and debate centre deBuren. In this Mediacafé the panel will discuss the struggle between editors, communication experts, politics and business. Nico Haasbroek (author & former chief-editor of NOS) leads the debate between Dutch and Belgian research journalists and communication experts.

    From 20:30 until 22:30

    Debathuis De Balie
    Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
    1017 RR Amsterdam

  • STIMA Congress

    Although every crisis situation is different, there are often similarities. During the "lunch & learns" session at this festival edition of the STIMA Congress, Jeroen Wils demonstrates how organisations can most effectively prepare for and deal with a crisis, drawing on his own experience and using numerous practical examples.

    More info:


    ICC Gent
    Van Rysselberghedreef 2
    9000 Gent

  • three-day communication skills course Multilingual Professional Communication

    Jeroen Wils will speech at Universiteit Antwerpen's three-day commincation skills course. He will share his expertise on press relations and social media with master students in Multilingual Professional Communication, offering concrete cases and tips.

    From 16:30 until 18:00

    Bloso-centrum Hazewinkel - Beenhouwersstraat 28, 2830 Willebroek

  • UBA Book it

    At the UBA Book it session, Jeroen Wils speaks about his book "Communiceren in Tijden van Crisis".

    You can find more information about this event on

    From 07:30 until 09:30

  • Nacht van de Woordvoerder

    Our collegue Jeroen Wils will kick off De Nacht van de Woordvoerder. What was his opinion about spokesmen as a journalist? Did that opinion change over the past few years? Why? And: does he think that the profession will change in the coming years?

    From 18:30 until 23:30

  • Master Class Security Management

    van Antwerp Management School, Open seminar over crisiscommunicatie

    From 18:00 until 21:30

    Sint-Jacobsmarkt 9-13
    2000 Antwerpen

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