Ann Van Mullem

She has been breathing news every day for more than 25 years, as news truly is her life. At VTM NIEUWS, she started off as a journalist, then became editor-in-chief and then manager of the news department. In that last position, she ensured that the news gathering by the editorial staff went smoothly. Today she deploys her news instinct as Head of News at Bepublic, a PR position that did not exist before. Responding quickly to current events and clear communication are her greatest assets.

  • Born in Leuven in 1968
  • Master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Bachelor’s degree in American Studies
  • 1993-2018: under the spell of VTM NIEUWS as a journalist, editor-in-chief and
  • manager of the news department.
  • Proud of her daughter, happy with all her friends who have been surrounding her for years
  • Enjoys powerful TV series, films and of course news programmes/documentaries.

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Rien n'abat les collègues du Bepublic Group ! Nous travaillons de chez nous, plus motivés que jamais aux communicat……

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