Bepublic is a team of experienced journalists and PR specialists who aim to approach public relations from a more journalistic perspective. Our experts are convinced that companies and organizations can only be credible and relevant if they share their expertise and news with the public opinion by means of clear and newsworthy stories.

Sometimes, our work takes place largely behind the scenes and we help managers of companies or organisations weigh in on the social or political debate. We achieve this by writing op-eds, organizing seminars or putting relevant topics on the societal agenda. In times of crisis, we help our clients to safeguard their reputation by responding correctly, in the media or beyond.


We gather news like actual journalists: with a fresh and critical perspective, we scrutinize the day-to-day activities of your company or organization, and we dig around your business looking for newsworthy messages. To do so, we look beyond the commercial aspect. Industry expertise, societal vision, innovative HR policies: together, we'll determine which assets we'll use to successfully build a profile for your organization in the media. We will provide you with a communication plan with a series of topics which we can take to the media in a journalistically responsible way.

Capitalizing on current events

Bepublic will ensure you can latch on to current events. We handle your proactive communication by means of topical stepping stones and advise you on how to bank on important news events. We call that newsjacking.
Everything we do will be done in close consultation with you and will serve to expand your visibility and relevance, as well as public support. The goal is to position you as a thought leader in your industry.

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